If your finding it hard to decide on a location to take photos on your wedding day, then you came to the right place! I have done the hard job for ya, and scouted out these locations, and provided a blog with spots along with photos! This is for couples who don't have a good venue location for photos. I also linked the addresses if you click on the photos!

Seattle + Up North Locations

Discovery Park Seattle

Discovery Park is HUGE- so lot's of photo opportunities! In the summer the grass is dry and beautiful! There are yellow houses you can also take photos by. But if you want to get down to the lighthouse- they require a permit to park, so that is something you need to plan ahead. The park is an additional 30 min from downtown Seattle, so the drive there is long and something to consider!

Recommended: Early May until October Date

Shot Late Sept.

Pioneer Square Seattle

If you want to do a city shoot, this is my favorite downtown location. Why? It has tons of different variety when it comes to buildings. The easiest and quickest parking is at the parking lot right across Smith Tower! You can park and walk around to different spots.

Recommended: All seasons!

Shot in December

Mukilteo Lighthouse,

North Towards Everett

If your wedding is more north to Seattle, then this location is stunning for sunset! Parking is pretty easy, but keep in mind its paid! Location is also good for bright daytime lighting, the buildings give shade.

Recommended: Any Season

Shot early June

Volunteer Park Conservatory


Historic Victorian-style greenhouse, that is beautiful year round to take photos in front of. There's other places walking distance at this location, which is good for variety! You can't take photos inside, but only by online permit some hours.

Recommendation: Year round

Early Augustt

King Street Station , Seattle

In front of the King Street station, is this beautiful mini park with trees. If you want a classy city style, this is the place to go! The pavement is light colored, which actually helps your skin tones look nice in the photos (color bounces off from the floor onto your faces).

Recommendation: Any Season

Early Summer

Tacoma/ Down South Locations

W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory

Located 5-7 min, from downtown Tacoma, this location has a pretty greenhouse. You can't go inside for photos without a permit unfortunately. But the outside of this location is beautiful! Has pretty rose trees in the spring and summer!

Fort Steilacoom Park,


Okay my all-time FAVORITE park! They have the coolest trees and dry grass. It is deeper into Lakewood, so you do need to keep driving time in mind when planning your wedding schedule. This location is similar to Discovery Park in Seattle, but smaller which is good - less walking in your dress and heels hehe.

Taken late fall

Spanish Steps, Tacoma

This is one of my favorite spots, for classy and elegant style photos.Easy to park, there is a parking lot right next to the bottom of the steps. They are located next to a hotel, or they are part of it ( Not sure)

Recommendation: Any Season

Late Winter

University of Puget Sound Tacoma

Beautiful college campus if your looking for lot's of variety! You do need to check in with their office online, if you want to take photos on their property, because it is a school campus. Good for rainy days, has areas with coverings.

Recommendation: Anytime!

Late Fall

Washington State Capital

If you have more time with your wedding day schedule, this location is a drive- but worth it!

You can get some stunning photos here! You do need to keep in mind, if there are any events/protests going on the day your trying to come here because it is a public area.

Recommendation: Any Season!

Early Fall

Union Station Tacoma

This location is perfect for a rainy Washington day! It's covered by a roof, keeping you and the bridal party safe from the rain!

Recommendation: Rainy Day + Cold Seasons

Late Winter

Weyerhaeuser Way S

Federal Way, WA

This location is more local for those doing their wedding in the Kent/Auburn/Federalway area. Simple fields that are very open. You just park alongside the road, and the fields are all around.

Recommendation: Spring-Fall

Early Fall

Point Defiance Park Tacoma

There is a pretty rose garden you could do photos at, (Spring + Summer) or inside the park (5 Mile Drive) along the roads is beautiful lush forest. You can walk into the forest along the pathways for some pretty photos by the fern plants and tall trees. Owen beach is also located here! (currently under construction as of spring 2021)

All seasons

Bellevue/ Kirkland Locations

Juanita Bay Park


This park has dry grass, and pretty hanging trees. There is boardwalks, which are pretty to take photos on also.

Location is pretty close to downtown Kirkland.

Recommendation: Any season, the trees look pretty year round.

Early August

Downtown Bellevue Park

If your hotel is in Bellevue, this park is the perfect location for photos right after! They have pretty stairs, a light pavement (important for bouncing onto skin tones for good photos) and tons of trees and benches. You can never go wrong with this location! You can get the city skyline in the background too!

Recommendation: Year Round!

Early July