Where do I even begin?! I LOVE these two so so much!! They flew in from California, to experience our beautiful pnw mountains. Daniel is my cousin, and best-friend, so it was my DREAM to shoot his engagement session one day. Semona is the coolest, most down to earth person, and I she fits into the family perfectly! We all love her! Having this whole day of hanging out together, I got two see their love for one another in it's most natural way. We drove out to Mt.Rainier singing our ears off in the car. The drive up was insane and so breathtaking. We stopped by random areas on the side of the road, that looked cool for some shots. Danced around in the fields overlooking Rainier, drank some Gatorade cause it was HOT! After Rainier, I wanted them to see the elk in the fields, so we took a detour and headed for North Bend. We sat and watched the elk for an hour, just relaxing, waiting for the sun to go down a little bit. Then we took some more beautiful shots with Mt.Si in the background. It was seriously the best day ever <3 I'm absolutely crazy excited to shoot their wedding in Sacramento, this coming October!! Stay tuned for those photos!