Maks + Roxy

Maks reached out for me to shoot his proposal on the Californian coast. I was super excited, because Max himself is an amazing photographer in the Fresno/Sacremento area. The proposal was beautiful, and they had all their friends come out to celebrate and congratulate them. We went to dinner after in Carmel, and ate some amazing food. I ended up staying in Fresno for a couple of days, and we planned to go to Pismo the following day for their e-session. Roxy was from Kentucky, so we took advantage of her already being there and shoot their photos. We found this beautiful ocean view on the way to the dunes. It felt like summer but then towards the end of the session, it was craazyyy windy. We all frozeee, but had some hot pho soup at the end of the day, and it was the best pho I'v ever had. Super fun trip- i'll never forget it! Thanks for the opportunity Max + Roxy!