July 12, 2020

Absolutely loved being a part of Pavel and Karina's wedding day. I loved the decor, and details she planned and wanted to blog some of my favorite photos from their wedding. Also I wanted to say, Karina is the most supportive bride ever. Any time I would send out sneak peaks, she would go absolutely crazy from excitement haha. She even sent me coffee money when she saw I was editing her wedding photos late into the night. That was really meaningful to me, and such a sweet gesture on her part. I wanted to also include their love story they sent in, about how they met.

"We have been going to the same church since we were little kids, we were in the same Bible school class. I was the loud and obnoxious one and he was the quiet shy kid. When we both joined youth, he started offering me rides and driving me home whenever we were out somewhere with our friends. Of course since he was shy I would be the one constantly talking. We got to know each other better and one thing led to another and we started going out on dates and eventually started dating. I am not a fan of cheesy and cliche proposals and he knew that very very well since i would constantly be saying that I wanted to be surprised with the proposal. He had the ring for 3 months and was always waiting for the perfect moment to pop down on one knee. After a while of waiting for the perfect moment, he asked me to go to church Sunday morning and then to brunch with our friends. It was like any normal day out in Seattle. We went on a rooftop and I was still so clueless and enjoying the views of the city. Our friends then asked us to stand together to take a picture and while we were standing next to each other he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Needless to say, i was very surprised and did not see it coming."

Enjoy the Photos!

Venue: Evergreen Meadows Florals: Florals Design By Maria. Decor: Wedding Decor By Alona Chairs/Tables: Superior Even Rental