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Where to Start!

Timeline Draft

How to Create a Smooth Wedding Schedule

Hey guys! Your wedding is coming up, and I'm sure you have lots of questions about creating a timeline for the day! I will give some insight and recommendations from my end. I'll include a draft you can copy and use to fill in with your times. A clear wedding timeline will eliminate confusion and scheduling problems, and it'll keep everyone on the same page, from your bridal party to your makeup/hair team.

Ideal Time Allocations For Photos


  • Getting Ready Candids-Girls – 1-2 Hours
  • (Start with Bridal details 15 mins)
  • Guys Getting Ready Candids – 30-40 Min.
  • Bride Getting dressed – 20 minutes
  • First look with Couple- 25 minutes


  • Couples Portraits – 30-40 minutes
  • Bridal Party Portraits- 30-40 Minutes
  • (Can be done along with couple portraits)
  • Couple hide away and relax, freshen up – 20-30 minutes pre ceremony.
  • If your ceremony & receptions is at different locations- make time for transportation!

Second Portion:

  • Ceremony – 30-1 Hour average
  • Family formals – 20-30 minutes ( Depending on your family size)
  • (Can be done right after ceremony or during cocktail hour)
  • Sunset/ sneak out during reception – 20 min

Copy / Paste

Very Simple Timeline:

Girls Getting Ready Shots (Photographer Coverage Starts):

Guys Getting Ready Shots:

First Look:

Photos All Bridal Party:

Time before ceremony to fix up (photographer does detail shots of venue):



Sneak out for Sunset Photos:

Photographer Coverage Ends:


(If multiple locations)

Girls Getting Ready:

Guys Getting Ready:

Portraits Location:

Venue Ceremony:

Venue Reception: