Buffalo New York Wedding Photography

Why Wedding Photography Is So Important To Invest Into?

Many couples get caught up in the wedding planning, and getting the right flowers, colors, decorations, ect. Don't get me wrong, that is all important in getting your day perfect and how you imagined. But what will be physically left of your wedding day? The flowers will wilt away, the cake will be eaten. Your wedding photos are the only physical memory you will have left of your day. Besides your rings of course ;)

That's why hiring a wedding photographer, that you love and enjoy their work is so important. Getting someone that cares about getting those important moments captured. Invest into someone that will help you remember the day you said 'I do" to your favorite person! Contact me for pricing + availability! (Below)

Package with Video is available for 2020!

Videography is provided by my sister, Mira Redko Video. We are excited to offer a package together, for 2020 weddings! Check out her amazing work!